Our buying process

The general flow of the buying process for our full service

Step 1 - Contact us

First step is to reach out and get in touch with us so we can find out about your intentions and objectives – what your budget and timing requirements are with purchasing a property. Ideally, you want to be pre-approved (or very close to pre-approval) with your loan when you first make contact.

This is a completely obligation free discussion where we get to find out some information on what your requirements are and what you’re trying to achieve.

Step 2 - Follow up call/meeting

At this stage you must have your finance pre-approved or be a cash ready buyer. This is when we get to find out more about you and you about us. This can be done over the phone/video conference or with face to face meeting.

During this conversation, we explain the services offered, fee structure and answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have in using a Buyer’s Agent for your property purchase.

Step 3 - Engagement

Once you’re comfortable to proceed and agree to engage our services the retainer fee is payable. Please note, this retainer fee is like a deposit/engagement fee, and is subtracted from the final balance of fees that are payable.

Together we then complete a detailed Buyer’s Brief that outlines a definitive list of your property requirements and conditions, to help identify the type and characteristics of the property you are looking for that suits your specific needs and wants.


talk to an expert now

We will call you back within the hour during business hours.

Step 4 - Research & searching

This step is all about research and we focus on finding the right property, not just any property. We methodically search using several different sources for listed and unlisted property including but not limited to:

  Real estate portals and websites
  Selling agents for off-market, pre-market, any expired or withdrawn listing properties
  Direct approaches to property owners in some cases
  Our existing clients who are selling their homes/investments

Dues to our relationship with many sales agents, as soon as they sign up a seller and list a property, we’re their first point of contact because they know we always have pre-qualified buyers ready to buy. As a result, we’re getting access to many properties that you might not see hit the market and this is very beneficial for our clients.

Because the market has been so fast paced (and at times crazy), we’re seeing that many buyers have been rushed into making decisions on properties. By using our buyer’s agent services we manage to steady the ship and still cover off all the due diligence requirements that are vital for determining the quality of a property. Things like flood mapping, registered and unregistered easements (which could prevent a buyer from building a pool, extending a home, knockdown and re-building etc), development applications on surrounding properties are all some of the check we perform for clients.

All searches are tailored to your specific needs that were identified in the Buyer’s Brief (Step 3) considering location, amenities, infrastructure and development, growth & demographic indicators, the physical characteristics of the property plus many more features.

For investors, specific attention is given to capital growth potential, rental returns/yields, cash flow analysis and potential to add-value to the property.

Step 5 - Shortlist & recommendations

We develop and present a shortlist of properties that we believe match your requirements and needs. This report will identify previous sale prices, local development applications, growth & demographic trends plus other state specific concerns such as QLD flood reports for Brisbane properties.  Also included in the report are suburb profiles, comparative market appraisals and rental appraisals if required.

We will physically inspect every property on the shortlist and will encourage you to inspect them with us as well however if you are unable to or you’re an interstate or overseas buyer, we can provide a comprehensive high-resolution digital photo gallery of each property (including street and surrounding properties photos) or a video ‘walk-through’ of the property that we upload online to our private YouTube channel that only you can watch.

Whilst selling agents will always emphasise and highlight the positive features and characteristics of any property, we also focus on identifying possible problems and shortcomings before you purchase. We want you to be confident in deciding to purchase the right property for you.

Step 6 - Negotiations | Purchasing the property

We are trained and experienced negotiators and will act on your behalf to negotiate the purchase of your property. All negotiations are done with your written authority and our aim is to get you the most competitive price with the most favourable conditions.

By utilising our experience, we are confident that you will significantly save more money having us negotiate on your behalf than you would be able to achieve on your own.

Once a price and terms have been agreed to by a vendor, we will guide you through the entire contract process making sure that you understand all the documentation and terms and conditions that are included with the purchase.

Step 7 - Contract period | Pre-settlement

The process now ramps up during this phase and we are on hand to guide you through the entire contract process. We keep you and all key parties informed of all key dates.
We have a dedicated team of professional partners that can also assist with arranging and attending the following for you:

  Building and Pest Inspections
  Additional required inspections e.g. electrical, pool barrier, internal pool or any other inspections
  Financial Approval Valuations
  Strata Management reports
  Depreciation schedules
  Pre-Settlement inspections

From these reports, we then highlight and notify you with any issues of concern. Should concerns be raised we will attempt to have the seller rectify or renegotiate a financial adjustment in your favour. This may include having building works performed, re-negotiating the original purchase price, or even withdrawing from the contract if necessary.

Step 8 - Unconditional contract

The contract becomes unconditional when and if all conditions are met and satisfied by both parties. At this phase, our final fee is payable (less the upfront retainer paid). 

During this time, we continue to liaise with all relevant parties to ensure the settlement process is smooth and stress-free. As mentioned above we will attend the final Pre-Settlement Inspection on your behalf if requested and present any findings to you.

Step 9 - Settlement

The purchased property is now yours.

We will organise collection of all keys for your property and deliver them to either yourself, your property manager, solicitor or any other nominated contact.

Our administration team will send you a quick questionnaire to assess and rate our performance during the entire process.

We then would look forward to purchasing another property for you in the future.