First home buyers

The average first home buyer will take between 8 and 12 months to find a home.

The struggle is real...

Many first home buyers are finding it daunting and tough to buy their first home. Competition is fierce, some agents under-quote property values or provide inaccurate price ranging. Does this sound familiar?

How many times have you attended an auction, hoping to buy a property for an approximate value, only to get out bid in the auction and then the home ends up selling for $100K or $200K over what your expectation was? This happens, and it happens a lot.

Some more questions to consider…

  Do you feel overwhelmed, and don’t have extensive property knowledge to make a well-informed decision to buy your first home?

  Are you fearful for overpaying and making a mistake?

  Have you been looking for a long time without success and having difficulty finding a suitable property that fits your criteria?

  Are you concerned you’re not getting access to all available property e.g. off-market & pre-market opportunities?

  Are you frustrated by Real Estate Agents not returning calls, missing appointments, under-quoting, inaccurate price ranging?

  Are you time poor with work, family, life and struggle to dedicate the required time and effort needed to buy the right property?

  Are you just over the whole experience?

There is hope...

Real Estate agents by law represent the seller, not the buyer, and traditionally they try and get the highest possible price for the seller. And they will only try and sell you what they have listed, hence you will not be offered ALL available homes for sale at the time.  A Buyer’s Agent helps tilt the transaction back towards balance by giving you the buyer, a licensed professional to represent your interests.

What does this mean? We work for you, and your interests only. For some clients we’ve saved them tens of thousands of dollars, in other cases we’ve negotiated much better conditions. But you will have access to every property for sale including off-market and pre-market properties.

What to do next?

This is the easy part, next step would be to just have a simple conversation. It’s completely free, and won’t take up much of your time. But you just might find out a few things that could help you with your journey.

Our buyer’s agent service isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally ok, but the clients that we have helped, come back for their next property purchases all the time.

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When you’re done, reach out and lets have a quick chat to see if we can help make your life easier.