Property investors

It’s all about the numbers…

Buying a investment property is different from buying a home.

You might hear commentary that ‘cashflow is king’ or ‘growth is key’ or ‘only buy blue-chip properties’ to have a successful property portfolio.

In reality when you’re starting out you need both cashflow and growth.

You want both, you need both.

And blue-chip properties…unless you have a large war chest of funds and an exceptionally high salary, buying only blue-chip properties long term and growing your portfolio quickly can be very tough.

BUT, there is hope… below are some examples of property that won’t put you under financial duress and all sourced and purchased recently. And we are sharing with you the Case Studies with the real viability ‘numbers’ on two of these purchases for first time investors.

“Opportunities come infrequently.
So when it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.”
– Warren Buffett

Buying a investment property requires a different skill set

When you’re starting out, most don’t have a huge bank balance to buy and hold blue-chip properties…I know we didn’t. That’s why we started investing small years ago in solid cash flow properties that are located in up and coming growth areas (and no, they weren’t in mining towns that went from boom to bust overnight a few years ago).

Starting and growing a healthy portfolio does take time, a good strategy, patience, perseverance, buying the right properties in the right locations, and buying them in the right order. And when you get it right you will be able to grow a portfolio very quickly, dependent on how aggressive you want to go.

The end result is the following strategy, one of many that just works. Our clients love it which is why they keep coming back.


   2 Properties purchased; 1 off market, 1 pre-market
   Yielding 4.16% to 5.18%
   Estimated 12-month expected growth 6% to 10%
   Saved our clients on each property between $21,500 to $32,000 on the original asking price
   Budget range for the investments are between $400,000 to $1M

Below are two properties from the above case study 'quick facts'.

You’ll see the numbers and will be able to do the math…and hopefully realise that it’s something that could enable the start your property portfolio journey today.

Purchase Location: Brisbane South

  • Price $413,000
  • Gross Yield 5.18%
  • Weekly rent $410.00
  • Estimated 12-month expected growth 6%-10%
  • Saved our clients $32,000 on the original asking price
  • Cash Flow Positive Investment

Purchase Location: Brisbane North

  • Price $913,500
  • Gross Yield 4.16 %
  • Weekly rent $730.00
  • Estimated 12-month expected growth 8%-10%
  • Saved our clients $21,500 on the original asking price
  • This property was a very rare find, as soon as we heard about it, we inspected the property and had signed contracts the next day.
  • Cash Flow Positive Investment