Our services & fees

We offer FOUR levels of service

Full service

Our Full Service is where we do everything.

We source the properties (research, inspect and provide a shortlist) for you to choose from, we negotiate on your behalf with the real estate agent or vendor and then get you the best deal and conditions possible.

We will manage the entire process from the beginning right through until settlement.

The fees for our Full Service are calculated either as a percentage of the purchase price or a set fixed fee. The choice is yours.

Negotiation only

If you find the property, we can look over it with you, then take control of the process and negotiate on your behalf with the real estate agent or vendor.

We’ll then see the process through until settlement.

The fee for Negotiation Only is a set percentage of the purchase price.

Research & search only

We focus on finding the right property, not just any property. We methodically search using several different sources for listed and unlisted property.

We develop and present a shortlist of properties that we believe match your requirements and needs. This report will identify previous sale prices, local development applications, growth & demographic trends plus other state specific concerns such as QLD flood reports for Brisbane properties.  Also included in the report are suburb profiles, comparative market appraisals and rental appraisals if required.

We will physically inspect every property on the shortlist and will encourage you to inspect them with us as well however if you are unable to or you’re an interstate or overseas buyer, we can provide a comprehensive high-resolution digital photo gallery of each property (including street and surrounding properties photos) or a video ‘walk-through’ of the property that we upload online to our private YouTube channel that only you can watch.

Once you choose the property you like, you take over with negotiations with the agent or vendor.

The fee for Research & Search Only is a set percentage of the purchase price.

Auction bidding only

With our auction bidding only service we discuss various strategies with you to secure that property for you.

On the auction day we do the bidding on your behalf and manage the process for you to settlement.

This service is a set fee for service.


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Our Fees

We have two fee structures for our Full Services:

Percentage Based Fee – a set percentage fee of the total purchase price, plus GST


Fixed Fee – after we discuss your requirements in full, we both agree on a set fee, plus GST.

The choice of fee structures is totally up to you, whichever you are more comfortable with.

For the Full service, negotiation only and research & search only services we charge an up-front retainer (engagement) fee that is deducted from the final balance. This is payable when our Terms Of Agreement is signed.

Please note – if you contact us and just ask for our fees, before we’ve had a chance to find out your requirements in full, we will not be able to quote you an accurate fee.