First Time Property Investor Case Studies

Property investment is really a game of finance, the property itself is just the vehicle…

Two examples for first time investors

Case Study 1 - Brisbane south side

Technically not a first time investor, our client purchased an off the plan apartment in 2008 in the Gold Coast from a project marketer which he then sold reluctantly in 2018 for a loss after all costs. Whilst the loss wasn’t substantial, he did realise that he had wasted the entire 10 years of his investment journey and had gone backwards financially. Determined, and after educating himself over a couple of years, he came to us realising he needed help to find the right asset that will serve as a foundation for a property portfolio which eluded him with his previous attempt.

We discussed different strategies, end goals (financial & personal) and worked back from there to form a detailed buying brief that lead to the following result:

Investor Brief (summary requirements):
– Maximum budget $450,000, prefer to spend only circa $420,000 
– Prefer Brisbane’s South
– House, min. 3/1/1
– Land 400m2+
– Must have owner occupier appeal
– Quiet location, near public transport
– Close to shops and amenities
– Access to 3 major road arterials – N, SW and SE 
– Within 35kms of CBD
– Minimum target yield 4.5%
– Projected 1-2 year growth target 5%+ p.a. 
– Small cosmetic renos to add value – ok (carpets, paint, etc)
– Air-cond or fans a must
– Prefer updated kitchen/bathroom

The Process:
We sourced and inspected 37 properties over a 5 week period and offered our client the top 4 best properties to consider with a detailed report and video walk through on each.

The Result:
Sourced & purchased 3/2/1 home, achieved all the above plus:
– Under preferred budget of $420,000
– 32kms from CBD
– Yield of 5.18% (Rented @$410/wk 4 days after purchase)
– 12-month projected growth of 6% – 10%
– Cosmetic reno/updates not required for 3-5 years

Asking price – offers over $445,000
Market value est. – $440,000
Purchase price – $413,000

A total saving of $32,000 under the asking price and $27,000 under comparable sales value.

Download the below PDF for details

The above example is at the lower budget end of the scale, and the next example is much higher. Both properties achieved the desired result for each client, even in todays heated market.

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Case Study 2 - Brisbane north side

A Sydney family realising they need to get on the property ladder to enable them to eventually be able to afford a 4BR home in Sydney,  decided rent-vesting was their only option. They researched for a year and a half and had serious analysis paralysis and with market moving considerably during the COVID period, they needed help. After a handful of unsuccessful bids on property in Brisbane, they realised how much time, effort and money it was costing to try and find the right investment. Exasperated with their results, they reached out and gave us a call.

We discussed many options and strategies, and below was the end result:

Investor Brief (summary requirements):
– Target goal: a solid gross yield (4% plus)
– Growth to be positive but no minimum
– Maximum budget $925,000 
– Preference for 15-20km of the CBD
– Prefer a house with land 
– Land size – no preference
– Must have owner occupier appeal
– Quiet location, near public transport, shops (would like to be close to a school)
– Must be low maintenance
– Within close proximity to work/employment hubs
– Cosmetic renos to add value – Yes have capabilities to do kitchen, bath, paint, flooring (up to $40k in required), but preference not to.
– Air-cond & fans throughout

The Process:
We sourced and inspected 29 properties in a 7 week period that potentially suited, and offered our clients 2 excellent properties to consider that matched their brief, with a detailed report and video walk through on each. Each property was given a rating based on financial reports and the quality and suitability of the assets.

The Result:
Sourced & purchased 4/2/2 home, achieved all the above plus:
– Under the preferred budget of $925,000
– Thriving Brisbane pocket, only 17km to the CBD
– Yield of 4.16% (Rented @$730/wk, tenants moved in two weeks after settlement)
– 12-month projected growth of circa 8%-10%
– Cosmetic reno/updates not required for 5+ years

Asking price – Listed price Offers Over $935,000
Market value est. – $940,000 (with comparables)
Purchase price – $913,500

A total saving of $21,500 under the listed price and $26,500 under comparable market value.

Download the below PDF for details

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